Care. Complicity. Critique. will be comprised of a series of performances by Irish and Los Angeles based artists on Sunday, June 16 from 1-3pm, and a seminar discussing the modes of performance, politics and critique arising from their practices on Monday, June 17 from 11am-2pm.

Curated by Dr.Katherine Nolan and the Association of Hysteric Curators, this programme aims to engage audiences with contemporary performance art by bringing together key Irish and American artists working in the field. Looking at practices through the lenses of ‘care, complicity and critique’, the project will make a space for considering a range of ways of looking at and responding to local and global politics, through performance practice.


Livestock: Body Talk

Live Performance Event, The Complex

Livestock presents ‘Body Talk,’ an evening of live art curated by Katherine Nolan with support from Siobhán Kelly.

The night will begin with bodily presence and end with an act of speech. Framed by the concept of ‘Body Talk,’ this Livestock will feature performances that respond to ideas around language and the body. Are the materiality of the body and acts of speaking often oppositionalised? How does the body speak itself, and how can acts of speech dissolve into our experiences of flesh?

Ciaran Nash | Kaate Mcelroy | Arthur Clay | Valerie Driscoll | Lieselle McMahon | Emma Brennan | Sarah Diviney | Karmel daly | Lisa Freeman | Ci Ana Spellman | Branwen Kavanagh


Feminism and the Body In PeRformance: Current Practices

Keynote speaker: Dr. Tina Kinsella

Featuring: Research and Performances by Poppy Jackson

Organising Chair: Dr. Katherine Nolan

 The symposium, Feminism and the Body in Performance: Current Practices aims to bring together theorists and practitioners concerned with issues of the language, politics and practices around women lives and bodies.  The event, comprised of papers and performances will provide a forum to frame current issues of concern for feminist practices, arising from performance art practice. It will address questions such as: what issues are the urgent issues facing women in Ireland and internationally today? What forms of disruption, agitation and resistance can be deployed to raise awareness and elicit change? 

 Through critical debate and dialogue, it will present such issues in the context of international practices and debates and consider how they might be articulated, resisted and contested through live art and performance in Ireland today.